About me


I am Amit Jha ,a student of second year BTech degree course of applied electronics and instrumentation engineering of Techno India,Salt Lake.
I am a tech enthusiast ,love to answer doubts related to technologies and work in collaboration .I have my interests in Robotics(arduinos ,raspberry pi etc),sensors and automatation as well as in coding part with basic beginner skill proficiency in programming language syntaxes like c, python,ruby,open CV and in non programming languages like HTML5,CSS,Javascript and simulation platforms like PSpice and MATLAB(I am not a programmer at first place but have to use some basics of them for building robotics projects and other). Besides these I like advanced mathematics with basic proficiency in additional mathematics and statistics .I am also a member of my college official physics club and recently I have registered for #MSA program and #ISP.Apart from studies I have interests in music,sketching,blogging also .
It is clear that I am just a beginner in the tech field and have aspirations to scale new heights via working with others and learning in the same process.
I welcome each and everyone to be a part of my this effort to learn build something better via sharing experiences knowledge and emotions via my blogs .I think everyone reading the posts will be equally inspired to the posts and will provide their positive feedback and well wishes in return.
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