Welcome everyone !hi this is me,Amit, a second year btech student of applied electronics and instrumentation engineering department of college Techno India-salt lake.Life has always been kind to me… so much that  although being an introvert ….I have got a chance to experience my time @TISL along with my wonderful classmates.Apart from a proper education I am  experiencing or have been gifted with wonderful friends and seniors @TISL.I can’t forget the first day of my college – butterflies in stomach …..being in the company of many unknown faces and fear of seniors – how will they be ? Lots of questions were in my mind …..but as the days passed we started to interact with each other …..and finally I got some new friends …..finally came the exams and err….. let’s change the topic ….who wants to talk about exams?……
Finally I am now in my second year with my new freinds ….will mention about some of them in my future posts….what kind of  hillarious activities they do ……and all those stuffs but …..right now waiting for some new faces ….the first years ,who will be a part of TISL for the upcoming 4 years …..


Giving what you have received with the same emotions is what we belive in…. and life is ……….life is @TISL

Now as I said my department is electronics sort of ……we deal with electronics equipments ,sensors ,…..I know you will be thinking why do i am mentioning  these….. because I have made a  picture describing what we actually deal with!


Here is a pic of my department friends…..


Ya I will be mentioning about them along with their hillarious activities in my some future posts……
Hey don’t everyone think that I am just going to talk about my college and friends … purpose to write this and my future posts is to let everyone to go in nostalgia…….to let them once again to experience  their college life via me plus some cool gadgets and science info related posts for geeks like  related with robotics,coding etc …. …..I want this one to be a blend of all ….like our life actually is.
Stay happy and enjoy life .
Its a gift don’t waste it.Utilise the time  not for money but for what you believe in ,what you love…