I am an artist-……sorry….just kidding!

Whenever i pick up a brush or my stylus to sketch on sheets or on my android device I always think am I an artist? ……the answer that I always get is that I am an observer and a thinker who tries to sketch what lures in my mind …..
Here are some of my sketches ……what do you think?
Am I an artist or it is just I am kidding?





Hmmm now the stock ends! More will be updated in future ….
Keeping  the jokes apart I think a true artist is the one who loves its work ,one who has a broad thinking and capabilities to convert thoughts into work, who loves nature and admires its beauty as well as who has capability to see good in everything and everyone…
so who are you ? …..


From stairs to the #windows and beyond !

Microsoft – I don’t think there will be anyone who haven’t heared  this name .From a normal student to an office  employee to a pro level programmer ….Microsoft  has touched and influenced everyone with its newest technologies and innovative line of software products.No doubt this is one of the reason for Microsoft being one of the biggest  tech giants in the field of consumer software products .Being an engineering student, belonging from a department of applied electronics and instrumentation I have always been a tech lover …..name it coincidence that even the college in which I study has name  Techno India ! My association with the Microsoft’s line of products first started when I used to go to my brothers place to play computer games as previously I didnt had a computer of my own….there we always used to admire how the windows 98 starts and the tune during startup….we used to play games like Midtown madness to EA cricket ……we had huge fun because we had a companion -# windows …
Then came the computer classes ….huff…. where we were taught how to use MS paint….then MS EXCEL and MS POWERPOINT….. It was the moment when I realised that we can create or compose various kinds of projects,slide presentation,animation slides using them apart from just playing games.Life moved ahead……I became a little older and   was gifted by my brother a cool laptop which had my common companion windows although a more advanced one -windows7 …. no doubt windows also grew within this span of time and emerged as a more feature full product .Microsoft line of products like windows which provide a platform or environment to work on is truly user friendly and easy as from children to adults all are its users.Microsoft has always kept the necessities of its user in mind and has thus launched  a wide range of products  accessible all over the world useful to every people belonging to every domain.MS OFFICE package for office users ,
WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER , MEDIA CENTRE ,MOVIE MAKER for entertainment lovers like me ,SKYPE for connecting the loved ones by providing video conferencing feature….even we are planning to use SKYPE in our colleges to host lectures by eminent fellows and dignities ….,NOTEPAD as editing tool and WINDOWS POWER SHELL for programmers for using line commands (although they are now fascinated in using IDE’s )

click here to know about power shell

…..XBOX gaming portal ,INTERNET EXPLORER for web surfing ,BING,MSN as one of the best  search engines ,MICROSOFT SECURITY ESSENTIALS – one of the best security solutions providing protection to our PC,laptops,important datas ,…….new lines of fancy windows 8 and 8.1 smart phones and tablets ……..it just doesn’t end ….


click here for more info on Microsoft products
Launching websites like Microsoft Virtual Academy(#MVA) to introduce  the new generation to Microsoft’s way of working,learning and building apps is by far one of the best initiatives ever took by a tech giant company

click here to start learning with # MVA

.Recent decisions of MICROSOFT of launching some of its products as open source on #GITHUB is also a good move to acknowledge image


Story will not end here and will end no where as till I am here in this technology prone world Microsoft will always remain my companion either helping me to entertain myself or to help me acquire knowledge or to assist me in developing some cool applications thus changing and influencing my work and way of living.I started to look to the world with my companion # windows, enriching my knowledge and experience in the process…..I mainly use the above listed Microsoft products for either entertainment , study or coding purpose but one can use it for various purposes as its domain is everlasting…….

“Life is what you make of,what you feel,you experience ,you gather…
I want to learn ,to experience ,to work,to see success,but never to stop!”
And certainly Microsoft is my companion in all these…….

Here are things which I can definitely do if I become a #MSA-
1.I love  technology and sharing information about it to the others,  and Microsoft also believes in sharing information ,knowledge ,.Using the  social networking background (- I use Facebook,quora,hike,gmail,GITHUB,WordPress ) I can actively contribute to this initiative.
2.One drive,Microsoft Azure and cloud services ,visual studio and other new applications are unknown to some domain of users (me too) because either they are unaware about it or about how to use it …..I can help them by redirecting them to your information pages like MICROSOFT DEVLOPER NETWORK,etc
3.I will help to conduct informative seminars related to Microsoft technologies in my college with other #MSA of my college  and will try to encourage my friends,juniors to be a part of Microsoft’s student initiative  .
4.I will also try to held and organise  workshops in association with Microsoft in my college and others with the help of my seniors and other #MSA .
5.I will write blogs ,publish posters on my behalf as #MSA to let others access to information about the new realeaes ,and future works of Microsoft technologies.
I will also try to introduce each of my colleague towards using #MVA.

I think if I become a#MSA I can really contribute to it by being a part of Microsoft’s initiative.
        Please provide your comments and suggestive feedbacks .
Thank you to all the readers.


                            – Amit KumarJha.


Welcome everyone !hi this is me,Amit, a second year btech student of applied electronics and instrumentation engineering department of college Techno India-salt lake.Life has always been kind to me… so much that  although being an introvert ….I have got a chance to experience my time @TISL along with my wonderful classmates.Apart from a proper education I am  experiencing or have been gifted with wonderful friends and seniors @TISL.I can’t forget the first day of my college – butterflies in stomach …..being in the company of many unknown faces and fear of seniors – how will they be ? Lots of questions were in my mind …..but as the days passed we started to interact with each other …..and finally I got some new friends …..finally came the exams and err….. let’s change the topic ….who wants to talk about exams?……
Finally I am now in my second year with my new freinds ….will mention about some of them in my future posts….what kind of  hillarious activities they do ……and all those stuffs but …..right now waiting for some new faces ….the first years ,who will be a part of TISL for the upcoming 4 years …..


Giving what you have received with the same emotions is what we belive in…. and life is ……….life is @TISL

Now as I said my department is electronics sort of ……we deal with electronics equipments ,sensors ,…..I know you will be thinking why do i am mentioning  these….. because I have made a  picture describing what we actually deal with!


Here is a pic of my department friends…..


Ya I will be mentioning about them along with their hillarious activities in my some future posts……
Hey don’t everyone think that I am just going to talk about my college and friends …..my purpose to write this and my future posts is to let everyone to go in nostalgia…….to let them once again to experience  their college life via me plus some cool gadgets and science info related posts for geeks like  related with robotics,coding etc …. …..I want this one to be a blend of all ….like our life actually is.
Stay happy and enjoy life .
Its a gift don’t waste it.Utilise the time  not for money but for what you believe in ,what you love…